Marco is surfing MTB Trails with Radical Sound Comfort 

Push the button & push your limit! (B)E A REBEL

Rider: Marco Kaiser
Edit: Tobias Plankl | TPProduction
Music: Glories - Pagan Holiday; Davis Absolute - In The Sky ft. Saigon & BLESS; Young Rich Pixies - Slow Energy
Date: March 2019

Marco Kaiser is the Earebel Mountainbike ambassador. When it comes to mountainbiking Marco knows what he is talking about. As riding guide for HappyTrails, chief mechanic for Anyrace Suspension and Brand Ambassador for YETI Cycles Germany & Austria, Marco's life is all about mountainbiking.

When Marco goes shredding his hometown trails by himself, he loves to wear his Earebels and listen to his favorite tunes while riding the "Bärentrail" with Radical Sound Comfort! The Earebel beanies and headbands are just perfect to listen your favorite music while cycling uphill. Our functional and thin sport beanies and headbands are also wearable under helmets to enjoy Radical Sound Comfort while riding your bike.